A better method for employee performance reviews

By Jim Annis, CEO   Traditional performance reviews can be a source of conflict. A slightly negative review can break an employee’s morale and be a precursor for their exit. If they are a “keeper,” taking a risk is not an option, especially in this competitive market for talent. According to the Society for Human […]

Breaking up with vendors is hard to do

by Jim Annis   Ah, Valentine’s Day is in the air. Romance, proposals, new flirtations and sometimes … the inevitable big breakup. Well, nothing lasts forever, so that’s why it’s good to have some guidance on how to manage situations when they go south. Aside from a longtime personal love, breaking up with a long-term business vendor […]

$14 is the new $10

Caution: This is a tough love article. We live this every day. What does it mean? There is a lot of lip service out there about how local companies are paying good, competitive wages but we do not see it in action. We challenge every business owner in Northern Nevada to read this, share it […]