In a tight job market, he who hesitates is lost

By Jim Annis, CEO   Oops … lost one. Oh, and there’s another. Wait for it … and … gone. What’s happening? Companies are losing key employees left and right. In the talent acquisition game, this market is hot, hot, hot. Companies cannot delay hiring people. Our headhunting and recruiting side of the business is […]

4 business email etiquette tips

By Jim Annis   “As I said before, I’m sorry if this touches a nerve because I just know you people never read this column all the way to the end.” – The Annoying One How did you react? The sentence encapsulates everything that can go wrong in workplace email communication. It floors us how […]

The Power of Paid Time Off

by Jim Annis Unlimited paid time off, or PTO, has almost reached superhero status in the media, showcased by startups and giants like GE and Adobe. This permissive approach to time off has burst forth from the phone booth with a super cape, promising that if employees are getting their work done and have received […]